MnSearch April Snippets “Efficient Growth through Paid Campaigns”

As an antidote for the cold April Showers, MnSearch offered Snippets and FAJITAS. We always expect great Snippets, but the fajitas were a happy surprise.

Jeff Snyder, Growth Marketer at When I Work, spoke about “Planning, Measuring, Optimizing, and Driving a 10x Lift in Mobile Installs” while Independent Growth Consultant, Jon Thralow, covered “Google AdWords, Positioning, and ROI – Results from a Positioned-based Test”. Here are our Top 3 Takeaways:

1. Jeff stressed simplicity with Mobile Apps. Get users to take action through simple ad copy/visuals. Don’t forget to add value. Make onboarding super simple, the second users launch the app. Make sure there are CLEAR steps as to what’s next.

2. Jon shared a little secret that Google doesn’t want you to know… the THIRD paid position is the best. It’s where the eyes go. Making the simple change of moving from position #1 to position #3 can save as much as 60%/month on paid search. Price per comes way down, bounce rate is better, and conversions increased by over 50%!

3. There’s so much great info in Jon’s article that he shared, that it’s a meaty takeaway on its own. Read it here:

A final shout out of congratulations to Aaron Weiche on the birth of his fourth child! That prompted cake, in addition to the fajitas. While we wait to experience the MnSearch May 25th event, menu and content, check back for CLICK’s early May takeaways from other events we attend.