transition workshops

Don't leave your people out in the cold. Help them take the next step on their career path.


Layoffs are hard on everyone

As a business owner and financial leader, you’ve poured over spreadsheets, analyzed your team, compared the options, and played out scenarios – carefully planning out the why, the who, and the when.

A standard package with severance and COBRA soothes the sting, but lasting repercussions to the recently unemployed's egos can be dangerous.

This time provides a critical opportunity to help inspire your recently unemployed, assist them with redefining their career path, and improve their perspective – of their situation and of you and your organization.

Ease the transition

One day of guidance could change their lives. CLICK's compelling, intensive, and motivating one-day session will help your recently unemployed ...

  • Build a strategic networking campaign that connects them with their next employer.

  • Identify key differentiators that align with their values and improves their confidence.

  • Feel better about the situation, about you and your brand, and about themselves.