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Digital talent recruiting

CLICK is third party, permanent placement recruitment focused on agencies and corporations within the Twin Cities. Whether your brand is looking to expand its digital capabilities or increase capacity, CLICK can help you find the right person for each role.



We know the best digital and integrated marketing talent in the Twin Cities. We nurture trusted relationships with experts that are passionate about marketing innovation. 

  • Strategy and leadership
  • Program and project management
  • Creative and content
  • Digital media and AdTech
  • Client services
  • Measurement strategy
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CLICK is led by Kathryn Duncan. Kat is a marketing veteran focused on connecting great clients with smart talent. She has worked closely with ad agencies, internal marketing departments, and Fortune 500 companies across the United States.


Digital growth consulting

CLICK helps agency and corporate leadership plan for and grow their digital capabilities by providing unique insights on the emerging talent within the Twin Cities.


Strategic growth

Finding the right person for your team goes beyond pedigree and credentials. Your business needs someone that brings the right expertise AND aligns with your brand’s culture.

Our DIGITAL TALENT EVALUATION is a modern and accurate view of the most in-demand roles. It includes the skill sets and salary ranges for the best, emerging talent, and can be customized to address your specific business objectives.

Smart growth

CLICK goes beyond a salary guide to help you...

  • Attract and retain the best digital talent in a tight candidate market.

  • Develop career growth strategies and paths for team members.

  • Embrace or redefine your organization's perception within the community at-large.


transition workshops

Don't leave your people out in the cold. Help them take the next step on their career path.


Layoffs are hard on everyone

As a business owner and financial leader, you’ve poured over spreadsheets, analyzed your team, compared the options, and played out scenarios – carefully planning out the why, the who, and the when.

A standard package with severance and COBRA soothes the sting, but lasting repercussions to the recently unemployed's egos can be dangerous.

This time provides a critical opportunity to help inspire your recently unemployed, assist them with redefining their career path, and improve their perspective – of their situation and of you and your organization.

Ease the transition

One day of guidance could change their lives. CLICK's compelling, intensive, and motivating one-day session will help your recently unemployed ...

  • Build a strategic networking campaign that connects them with their next employer.

  • Identify key differentiators that align with their values and improves their confidence.

  • Feel better about the situation, about you and your brand, and about themselves.


Relationships that CLICK

When the connection is there you can almost here the CLICK.


Our clients

We work with agencies and marketing leadership to understand their culture, define their objectives, and find the right people to meet and exceed their needs.

Our candidates

We engage the best digital talent to understand their skills, discover what makes them unique, and learn what motivates their best work.

How we make it CLICK

  • Expertise. CLICK's industry knowledge allows for the identification of required skills and quickly qualifies emerging marketing talent.
  • Understanding. CLICK consults on roles, requirements, compensation, and strategies to build and retain high-performing teams.
  • Connections. CLICK maintains a deep network of innovation talent, from senior leaders to digital transformation and execution.

Let's get to work

Save yourself months of searching and let us find the right employees for you.


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CLICK is located in Minneapolis’ North Loop.

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