LIVE Professional Humans + Mpls MadWomen Podcast #LightenUpMpls

If you don’t listen to the Professional Humans Podcast, you should. Hosts Josh Berg and Elli Rader take on serious topics about integrating work and life with dry wit and honesty. In a special partnership with Mpls MadWomen, and with support from The Riveter and The River Room at the Aster Café, Josh and Elli took the stage with three professionals:

Alison Beattie, Principle Designer/UX Manager, Target

Erinn Farrell, SVP Business Management & Management Director NYC Office, space150

Chad Gillard, Co-Founder Midwest Pantry & Sr. Digital Analyst, GoKart Labs

Professional Humans didn’t mess around. They immediately launched into questions that pushed panelists into their vulnerability zone. The cozy room heated up with laughter, feistiness, and a few tears, all culminating to an epic lightening round of Random Questions.

This episode will be released on Sunday, May 1st. We want to avoid any specific spoilers, but also want to share a few Top Takeaways that resonated with us (loosely quoted):

“Resist the urge to want to feel needed. Set everyone else up for success. As a leader, the agency becomes stronger the less they need you.” (Erinn) “Hire the right people…” (Elli) “…and get the fuck out of their way.” (Alison)

“I used to apologize before sharing my ideas. Don’t do that. Don’t limit your ideas before you share them.” (Alison)

“In critiquing, it’s important to be able to separate the idea from the person working on it. Be honest and care the ‘right amount’* about the job/end product.” (Chad)

We couldn’t resist a 4th Takeaway:

“You never know how many times you say ‘like’ until you edit a podcast.” (Josh)

This is a teeny tiny taste of the nuggets offered. You’ll have to wait for Sunday to hear the entire episode, but in the meantime listen to other episodes of Professional Humans, including the latest episode 29 featuring Kat Duncan, Part 2 of “Getting Your Dream Job”!

*listen to the podcast for a more complete understanding of what Chad means by “caring the right amount”