Top 3 Takeaways – MIMA September “Storyscaping® – Stop Creating Ads, Start Creating Worlds”

The task of making it to the U of M on time to attend an early morning MIMA event is daunting at best. However, traffic karma was on my side yesterday morning (as it was for the morning MIMA event in St. Paul earlier this year). YOU CAN DO IT PEOPLE. YOU CAN MAKE IT TO THE MORNING EVENTS.

September featured Darren “Daz” McColl, the Global Chief Brand and Marketing Strategy Officer for SapientNitro. As his title suggests… Daz is a big deal. He’s also really funny and has an amazing Australian accent and attitude (equal parts charm/roughness). I’m also a sucker for anyone with a good nickname.

Daz co-authored a book by the same name as his presentation and you can buy it here.

Top 3 Takeaways:

1. Stories are how we make sense of the world and our place within it. Today’s consumer isn’t satisfied with being told a story; they want and EXPECT to be INVOLVED with the story.

2. The funnel is an old construct. Purchasing journeys are far too short for yester-year’s “marketing funnel” image to be relevant. Today it’s about INTERCONNECTED WORLDS, worlds fueled by inspiration and connected by story and technology. Everything we as marketers do should lead to something else – “always end in a comma, never a period.”

3. The power of storytelling in B2B is underleveraged. Expectations of the target audiences are informed by the same world, just some of the content and techniques might be different.

We expect additional recaps and info (maybe a deck, which was really good?) will post to MIMA Event Recap page. Next up for MIMA is SUMMIT. If you haven’t registered or if your company hasn’t yet purchased a table, GET ON IT. The Summit is on Oct 19th, right around the corner. Expect NUMEROUS takeaways, inspiring messages, fantastic networking, and kickass music.