MIMA November “The Art + Science of Content Strategy: How Values, Interests, and Insights Can Unlock Creative Ideas”

Thanksgiving is around the corner, with family members returning home for turkey and all the trimmings. MIMA welcomed back a family member, Brad Spychalski (Creative Strategist at Pinterest), to dish out an appetizer version of Pinterest’s Workbench curriculum and to share case studies of how big brands are leveraging Pinterest.

The Workbench curriculum is grounded in the pillars of brand strategy:


What are the unique benefits of the product/service & how can you leverage that in content?


Categories of Interest, as defined by Pinterest: Hobby, Vocation, Preference, Projects, Passions


Dig in to define the “Human Truths” – Who is interested in… What category… and When are they interested in it? When do certain topics peak and decline?
Here are our Top 3 Takeaways:

1. Use of Pinterest in B2B? Brad shared B2C examples from big brands with big budgets; the audience wanted to know how to best apply or really prove out an investment in Pinterest for a B2B brand. Brad stressed the marriage of a pin + a helpful blog post. The pin drives traffic, but be sure there’s strong content delivered on the other end.

2. Pins Don’t Die Make an investment in Pinterest and your pin will be there “forever”. Pinterest has witnessed interest in pins come and go.

3. What’s Next? Visual Search. Camera functionality within the app.

Brad concluded by reinforcing the importance of the visual in using Pinterest. Descriptions are integral for organic search, but the image needs to do the heavy lifting in driving audiences to click.

MIMA will close out the year with the Holiday Party, Tuesday Dec 6th at the NE Solar Arts by Chowgirls. Toast to the end of 2016!